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Meet Owner and Physical Therapist Peggy Treseler

Peggy Zidar Treseler, PT, MA is an experienced pelvic health physical therapist with extensive knowledge and skill in treating the female pelvis and the pelvic floor areas for pain and musculoskeletal dysfunction.  She has been a proving innovative and collaborative care in the field of women's health in Montgomery County since the 1990's.  She has practiced in acute care (hospitals), long term care (nursing home and skilled care), home care, community health facilities and out-patient clinics.

Peggy exclusively treats women with pelvic floor disorders and complex musculoskeletal dysfunctions that impact bladder, bowel and sexual dysfunction.   After a thorough assessment of your history, symptoms, and physical examination, Peggy will design an individualized treatment plan of care focusing on YOUR goals.  In a private and comfortable environment, she strives to offer a unique and effective approach to patient care!

Peggy is a mother of 4 grown children herself.  Her program is the result of many years of clinical experience, personal experiences and identifying the gaps in the field of postpartum care, women's health and menopausal concerns.  Her goal is to educate and empower each woman to reach her goals and improve her quality of life.

Peggy received her undergraduate degree in physical therapy at Marquette University in Wisconsin in 1982.   While employed as the Director of Physical Medical at Holy Cross Hospital in Silver Spring, Maryland, she pursued her graduate degree at the University of Maryland - University College.  She has participated in and completed numerous advanced courses annually.   Peggy has practiced women's physical therapy in a variety of setting and has  developed a unique and well - recognized specialized women's physical therapy program in Montgomery County.  Peggy is thrilled to have expanded her practice to a new location (Feb 2019) in Potomac, Maryland.

Peggy is an active member of the Academy of Pelvic Health of the American Physical Therapy Association, Global Pelvic Health Alliance (GPHAM), National Vulvodynia Association, the International Pelvic Pain Society, My PFM (Pelvic Floor Muscle) Ambassador,  Pregnancy& Postpartum Athleticism Coach,  Interstitial Cystitis Association and the American Urogynecolgic Society.

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